Who is my neighbor?

“Who is my neighbor?”

Creating a deeper sense of community through the exploration of gifts and talents of our neighbors.

Wednesday, June 10

6:00 – 7:30

Location: Cosecha Latina UMC, 1003 S Columbia St., Frankfort, Indiana

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Fernando Rodriguez is the developer& founding pastor of Iglesia Nueva Creación (Indianapolis) and is currently serving as interim pastor at Witherspoon Presbyterian Church.

De’Amon Hodges is the original “Roving Listener” as neighbor and staff member of Broadway UMC (Indianapolis). As an artist, DeAmon uses his art for social change and community building.

Engaging our Purpose

Midweek Ministries

April 29 (Wed)6:30p - 8:00pWorship PlanningCare & ConnectEveryone is invited to join us as we reflect theologically upon the upcoming worship season, select hymns, and assign roles.St. Paul's
May 5 (Tues)5:00p - 8:00pCommunity Clean-up Go, Care, & ConnectAs part of the City-wise clean up days, we join with our neighbors to care for God's creation. And it gives us a chance to wear our GWOH shirts!Third Street Park.
May 13 (Wed)7:00p - 8:00pMen's 111Listen, Care, & ConnectOne question. One beer. One hour.Hoops
May 20 (Wed)6:30 - 8:00pBible StudyListen & ConnectTopic: TBDSt. Paul's
May 27 (Wed)6:30 - 8:00pBible StudyListen & ConnectTopic: TBDSt. Paul's
June 3 (Wed)6:30 - 8:00pDiscussion groupListen & ConnectTopic: Searching for Sundays, by Rachel Held Evans.
We'll discuss some of the themes from Evans' latest book. If you would like a copy, please talk to Pr Joshua. If you haven't read the book, you are still invited to join the discussion.
St. Paul's
June 10 (Wed)6:30 - 8:00pTBD
June 17 (Wed)6:30 - 8:00pBible StudyListen & ConnectTopic: TBDSt. Paul's
June 24 (Wed)5:00 - 7:00 pmNeighborhood WalkGo, ConnectWe will be walking around the neighborhood and inviting neighbors to the 3rd St Park service.Third Street Park

An Invitation

Cultivating Community through an Immersion into Scripture

by Pastor Joshua


This past Sunday, I spoke a little bit about the way Jesus did a little post-Easter cultivation leading up to Pentecost.  Typically, we focus on the “big events” in the Bible and miss out on a lot of the details leading up to these events and through which God works to cultivate.  At least that’s true of me.

I’ve always imagined the timeline looking something like this:

Last Supper – Crucifixion – Resurrection – Ascension – Pentecost

In this way of thinking, it’s easy to think that Pentecost is a spontaneous event that comes out of nowhere.

But there’s a lot missing.

  • After breaking bread with the disciples, Jesus goes to the Mount of Olives to pray.
  • From the cross, he quotes the Psalms.
  • After the resurrection, he appears to the disciples along the way to Emmaus and interpreted “all the scriptures.”
  • When he appears to the disciples (who have locked themselves away in a room) he “open[s] their minds to understand the scriptures.”
  • He spends 40 days with them prior to the ascension instructing them and speaking about the kingdom of God.

When we carefully follow the story from the cross, we begin to see that Pentecost is not something that “just happens” – rather, the moment of Pentecost is the culmination of the Christ’s careful cultivation of the disciples.

It’s no wonder, then, that the earliest formation of the church was centered on prayer, the breaking of bread, and reading the Scriptures together.   These are the practices that build Christian relationships and create Christian community – and this is the way in which God continues to work in the world, even today.

As I was thinking about this, I came across a post by a clergy colleague, Pr Chris Wulff, who serves at Cross & Crown Lutheran in Indianapolis. She offered a wonderful invitation to her church to join her reading through the entire Bible in 90 days, beginning on Pentecost Sunday.

I am accepting her invitation, and extending it you.  Together, let’s dig deep into the Scriptures and try to cultivate the kind of community Christ established among the disciples.

Here’s how you can participate:

Choose a bible.  You can use any translation you like. The translation the lectionary uses is NRSV, in case you want to read the same translation you hear on Sunday morning. If you’re really into translation choices, you may find this helpful.  But don’t get too caught up on choosing the “right” translation. The Bible you have is a great one to use.  (And if you don’t have a Bible and would like me to give you one, just let me know!)

Get a schedule and keep it handy. Since this, in some way, a communal project, the schedule will keep us “on the same page” each day.

Make space for reading.  The amount of Scripture you will be reading in a day will be daunting.  You might find a quiet place where you can read each day. You might also think about setting aside a good block of time each day. Some may find it best to be done in the morning.   Others might wish to break up each day’s passage into sections and carry your Bible with you to read throughout the day.  Go with what works best for you.

Begin and end in prayer.  Remember to say “please” and “thank you.” Before checking the schedule and cracking open the good Book, say a simple prayer asking God to help you keep focus and guide you through the reading. After you have completed the reading, say a prayer giving thanks.

Reflect on and talk about what you read. It’s easy to treat these kinds of devotionals like a checklist. Find a way that works for you to reflect on the passage and talk about it with others who are also participating.

Worship in the Park

TPAParkCard TPA Park on June 22nd!

Art of the Passion: Call for Artists

St. Paul’s invites proposals from artists to be considered for a place as a featured artist in the 2015 Art of the Passion.

Art of the Passion seeks to invite the community into a deeper reflection of the cross through creative interpretations of the Stations of the Cross. In past years, the exhibit has brought together the work of 14 creative & talented artists in a single, meditative gallery focused on Christ’s Passion.

In 2015, the Art of the Passion will expand to include the Stations of Light – a second gallery highlighting the biblical scenes from after the Resurrection.

Artists interested in being featured in one (or both) of these galleries should submit a proposal of their work and preferred stations by September 30, 2014.

The exhibit seeks to include a variety of media and represent a diversity of faith perspectives.  All styles are mediums are welcome and creativity is encouraged.

Artists interested in submitting a proposal may apply online, make inquiries by emailing arts@stpauls39.org, or leave a message at (765) 654-5933.

The deadline for proposals is September 30, 2014.

The featured artists, as well as the dates that the exhibit will run, will be announced November 1, 2014.

Art of the Passion

Art of the Passion logo

In commemoration of Holy Week, Art of the Passion provides a way for visitors to reflect more deeply on the passion of God revealed in Christ. This unique exhibit brings together the work of several different artists and is hosted by St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (Frankfort, IN).

The Stations of the Cross was originally developed for those who made pilgrimage to the Holy Land to retrace the steps of Jesus. Particular places in the Holy Land were marked for prayer and meditation on a particular moment of Christ’s passion. This idea was eventually brought to Europe, where monastic communities created a series of images or objects as a way for those who could not travel to the Holy Land to experience walking through the story of Christ’s passion.

Art of the Passion continues in this tradition by inviting a variety of artists to express their own creative interpretations of these stations and bringing those pieces together to form a meditative gallery walk that tells the story of Christ’s journey to the cross.

New artwork is displayed each year and the exhibit is open to the public during the week preceding Easter. Visitors are provided the choice of a written devotional guide (provided in English and Spanish) or an audio recording of the readings and reflections.

The 2013 Art of the Passion will be open March 24th – 30th (exhibit hours listed below) and will feature the following artists:

Linda Witte Henke        Mixed Media
Wayne Shedler             Leather Work
Ed Selvidge                  Painting
Stephanie Robertson      Fabric
Mirvia Rivera-Eckert      Acrylic Painting
Ann Lahr Wood Fired     Ceramic
Barbara Kinsler             Block Print
Cheryl Kaldahl
Elias Garza                  Mixed Media/Block Printing
Lauren Ehrman             Block Print
Daniel Driggs               Acrylic Painting
Bill Dahman                 Sculpture
Ann Dahman               Color Etching on Granite
Dwayne Daehler           Photography
Marge Burkholder

You can read more about these artists and follow the event on the Art of the Passion Facebook page!

It is St. Paul’s prayer that the creative expression of these artists will allow you to enter into the experience of Holy Week in a new way and rediscover in greater depth God’s passionate love for you.

Exhibit Hours:

The exhibit will be on display at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Frankfort, Indiana from March 24th through March 30th, 2013 during the following hours:
Sunday           12p – 4p
Mon-Thurs      10a – 2p, 3p – 8p
Good Friday     10a -8p
Holy Saturday  12p -6p


St. Paul’s Mission Statement:
We are called to accept God’s love,
proclaim and share that love with all people,
while growing in faith as followers of Christ.