2 Corinthians

This series will provide an in-depth study 2 Corinthians and invite participants to engage in self-identified ministry actions.  Topics will include the leadership in ministry and the church as a community centered in Christ and made alive through acts of compassion and witness.  

Each session will begin with a brief “check-in” on previous actions, followed by a 45-60 min exploration of a particular passage.  In the last 30 minutes, we will identify concrete actions that each person can take in the days to follow.  

TNBS Returns!

Glasses on Open Bible ca. 2001Tuesday Night Bible study will return to its weekly schedule on Tuesday, January 14.  What, exactly, we will be studying is still up for grabs.  Got a suggestion?  Let us know in the comment box below!

Stories of Faith Series



We all have a story to tell.  But sharing our faith sometimes proves difficult.  And yet, as we see in Scripture, our stories are the most powerful witness we have.

We just have to learn how to tell it.

Stories of Faith is an opportunity for Christians to discover, refine, & share their own story of faith.

In this series, participants will reflect together on the stories of people from the Bible and explore how these stories relate to their own faith story.

Participants will also receive practical tools and practice sharing their faith by having the opportunity to lead a session on a biblical person of their choosing and by working together on shaping and sharing their own faith stories.

The series will begin with two “introductory” sessions.  The first session, “Stories of Faith,” will explore stories of faith in the Bible.  The following week, “Storytelling as Evangelism” will discuss the elements of a good story and why storytelling is a vital part of our Christian life.  A third introductory session may be held if needed.

Following the introduction, participants will work together to identify a Biblical person, reflect on how the biblical story reflects their own experience (or vice versa), and practice telling their story and inviting others to share their own stories by facilitating the discussion on the Biblical story they have chosen.

After each participant has the opportunity to share, participants will discuss and identify specific ways each of them will share their story with others.

All stories welcome.  Come share your story!


Tuesday Night Bible Study meets every week from 6:30p-8:00p at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.  Get directions from Google.

Series Schedule

September 17:            Stories of Faith

Key Text:          Hebrews 11

September 24:            Storytelling as Evangelism

Key Text:          Matthew 28:16-20

October:          Storytelling Groups

October – December  Presentation of Faith Stories

December 10 or 17     Review

Lent 2013

Renew your commitment to faithful living this Lent.

This year, St. Paul’s will be offering a number of ways for people to recommit themselves to faithful practices.  In addition to the events listed below, St. Paul’s will begin it’s first ever “Listening Campaign.”  This will be an important part of meeting our 2013 goals.  More details will follow in the next couple of weeks, but if you are interested in being an active part, don’t wait, contact Pastor Joshua (email: pastor@stpauls39.org).

A great way to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the events is to like, follow & share St. Paul’s Facebook Fanpage.


It begins on Shrove Tuesday (Feb 12, 6:30p-8p) when we gather together to eat a lot of pancakes and burn the palmsfrom the previous year in order to make ashes.  This will also be the first opportunity to sign up for the Easter Vigil Storytelling.

The ashes are then used the following day on Ash Wednesday (Feb 13, 7p), when we are marked with the cross as a sign of our repentance and returning to God.  During the service, we are invited into the disciplines of Lent.  Devotions will be made available upon request.


Throughout the season, we will also be gearing up and getting ready for the Art of the Passion, an exhibit of 15 artists’ interpretations of the Stations of the Cross.  St. Paul’s members are invited to participated through helping construct the gallery walk, record readings for the devotionals, and welcome visitors.

communion2On Wednesday evenings in Lent, we will explore our first Mission Priority:  Faithful in Worship.  These gatherings will include a light meal, some learning about why we worship like we do, why worship matters (Wed, Feb 20-Mar 20, 6p-7:30), and a family craft.  Those preparing for baptism & first communion are especially encouraged to attend.  This is also a great event for those interested in becoming a member of St. Paul’s or wanting to renew their faith commitment.


Then Holy Week begins with the celebration of Passion Sunday!  The church is sure to be bustling with activity as we open our doors to visitors of the Art of the Passion, celebrate the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday, place our worries on the cross at Good Friday, and remember the mighty deeds of God throughout history with smores and laughter at the Easter Storytelling Vigil.